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What Is A Sugar Daddy?

Sugar daddy for the first time has been used back to the beginning of the 19th century. But in the contemporary, do you know the definition of sugar daddy?

In the dictionary or Wikipedia, the definition of sugar daddy is a rich man who offers financial and material support to a beautiful and attractive young baby in return for companionship. There is a little difference between prostitution and sugar daddy dating, the biggest distinction is that those sugar babies won't actively seek clienteles. But they need to pay something in return, like companionship and physical needs.

Sugar Daddy Definition
I personally don't think this is the accurate definition about sugar daddy. As stated above, sugar daddy is an "older man" who is wealthy and successful. But in the digital information era sugar daddy dating is not always looking for older man, because there has been more and more wealthy and successful men who are at an exceedingly young age.

In my opinion, sugar daddy dating is more like a kind of lifestyle that a successful rich man at any age who is looking for a ambitious and beautiful young sugar baby who would like to enjoy a better life and achieved success, they will exchange gifts and express appreciation for each other. Perhaps you will think it is not more appealing and accurate, it is because that you have any misconceptions about the meaning of sugar daddy. In reality, there are so many rich and generous men of all ages who cannot possess a serious relationship because of busy work. They are eager to have a pure companionship the same as others. So you see it is not easy to find a physical relationship without any commitment although you are able to enjoy the companionship. If you feel like getting times and companion from a beautiful young sugar baby with no promise that is difficult and impossible. So, in a word, the relationship between sugar daddy and young baby is interactional.

Don't be affected by the so-called right definition. No matter sugar daddy or wealthy boyfriend that is just a label that is given by others. Follow your feelings and do what you want to do, you'll meet your right partners.