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How to Identify Fake Sugar Daddy Online

When you are looking for sugar daddy online, you'll meet a variety of men. Some of them are awesome, gentlemanly and nice, but a few of them are cheaters and scammers. To keep you away from fake sugar daddies and avoid wasting time to chat with them, there are some tips that help you weed out the fake sugar daddy when dating at sugar daddy site.

Ask for nude pictures
There are many feedback from sugar babies mentioning that the men who ask for nude pictures are fake sugar daddies. When you are dating a real sugar daddy, who won't ask for nude pictures from random sugar babies. As for those men, we have a reason to suspect that they are not real sugar daddies, may even be teenagers who looking for stimulation or pleasure. Therefore, we suggest that it must be deleted and blocked immediately.

Always brag about money and never talk about
There are a lot of sugar babies into such a mistake that they consider that the richest men are the best sugar daddies. That's wrong. Although they are very rich and successful, it doesn't mean they are willing to share it with you, since it is just a way of attracting young hot and beautiful sugar babies for them.

If a man who doesn't want an allowance-based dating, maybe he is not looking for mutually beneficial relationship. Two possible causes: he must be either rich but stingy or scammer who is not a sugar daddy. For this kind of men, they not really want to date a sugar baby, because they are too cheap to be not worth to date with.

The best sugar daddy is a man who can take care of you. If he doesn't want to do this, it doesn't matter, since he has other shining points, such as generous and gentlemanlike.

Keep away from this kind of fake sugar daddy. Delete and block right now.

Has bad manners or character
A man who doesn't have good manners is not a pretty company and sugar daddy, Although he is very rich and successful, as well as he is willing to offer you many financial and material supports, he will hurt you at some small things.

A mature adult man who is considerate, courteous and gentlemanlike. Kindness and politeness are the top two important features of being a good sugar daddy. If he cannot give you concerns and take care of you well, as well as spoil you, he is not a good sugar daddy. Kindly delete and block.